• Hello New Gear – February 2020

    Hello New Gear – February 2020

    Hello New Gear, February 2020 edition is here. All of you innovation lovers will be delighted with what has arrived this month, following NAMM 2020. So sit back, scroll down and enjoy the influx of music and audio innovation… ??

    SSL 2+

    This is a new top-of-the-line?USB-C audio interface?from?Solid State Logicyou can’t get much better than this with its?2 state-of-the-art preamps (62 dB gain range, 130.5 dBu ON), Neutrik?connectors,?Alps?pots, legacy “4K”?switch per channel?(for sounds inspired by the legendary SSL 4000 series),?5-stage level meter?for each input,?MIDI?input and output and?2 independently-controllable headphone outputs. All of this and more at the?very affordable price of €289. See our?video below?for more details…

    Fun Generation Rock Buds

    Fun Generation Rock Buds?are?Bluetooth?(5.0)?in-ear stereo headphones?with an?integrated battery?and?charging station/carrying case combo?(USB-C?connection). They are now available in?white?as well as in?black. The perfect companion for enjoying music on the go, they can also be used in?mono?for playing electric guitar, for example. Check out the?product page for the?full specs?and additional?features.?

    Midas DP48

    Midas‘ new?dual 48-channel personal monitor mixer?is a game changer for live performers who want up to?2 individual stereo mixes?on stage or in the rehearsal room. The key is for the musician(s) to feel?comfortable and in control?of their unique mix and this is very intuitive with the aid of a?2.4″ Colour TFT display. An?SD card interface?is available for?stereo recording?and?playback?and the device is compatible with?Midas Personal Monitoring System?hubs or?all 44.1 / 48 kHz AES50-equipped devices, including?Midas?and?Behringer digital consoles?and I/O boxes. A very handy?microphone stand mount?(DP48MB) is sold separately.

    Moog Subsequent 25

    Like its predecessor, the?Subsequent 37,?Moog‘s new synth features?USB MIDI, CV connections for pitch,?gate, filter?and?volume, two oscillators?with?sync?and?pulse width modulation. Envelopes are?loopable?and the?bass?is ultra?fat!

    Check out our?video below?for more details:

    Novation Launchpad Pro MK3

    The?Launchpad Pro MK3?takes all the great features of the?MK2?and takes it to the next level with a?4-track sequencer?with?32 steps! It allows you to create music on the fly through integration with?Abelton Live, other software and?external hardware. Its?64?velocity-?and?pressure-sensitive?grid-buttons?with?RGB-background lighting?make this an?intuitive?and?fully-customisable?experience with?Chord mode,?dynamic Note- and Scale Mode?and so much more. This machine screams 2020!?Check out the?video below?for a demonstration of what it’s capable of:

    That was a journey to the future! Let us know what you think of these hot new products and let us know what else you’ve discovered this month. We’d love to hear from you. Until next month!

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